The Value of Nowhere

 "The Value of Nowhere" starring Pete Cabrinha, Keahi De Aboitiz and Reo Stevens will air on Outside Television August 30 at 10PM and August 31 at 9PM. Watch the teaser.

This is the life- BVI's

Charlie Smith and company put together this great edit shot in the beautiful British Virgin Islands showcasing the Caribbean kiteboarding lifestyle, the versatility of our sport, and how much fun you can have. 



1st East Coast Foil Championship


Straight off the press from Damo LeRoy:

2014 Cabrinha East Coast KiteFoil Championships

August 15th-17th will be a weekend to remember at Shelter Island Yacht Club as they became the first east coast sailing institution to support the newest and most progressive form of sailing yet– Kitefoiling, which is the addition of a hydrofoil to a kiteboard.


The first annual 2014 East Coast KiteFoil Championships was a sight to behold with 3 days of beautiful conditions and winds ranging from 10-20 knots. 

14 competitors from 4 different countries hit the water displaying just how far sailing has evolved. 

The kitefoilers reached speeds of up to 30 knots during the action-packed races. The age bracket of competitors ranged from 14 years old to 55 years old. Former kiteboarding world champion Damien Leroy said that “Shelter Island was an ideal location for this type of event”. 

Dozens of boats stopped by to watch the races in awe as the kitefoilers flew around the course going more then 3 times the speed of any other sailing craft on the water.

The races were incredibly tight with the top three racers within a point of each other in the end of the regatta, making every race fun to watch! Some standouts were Leif Given, Zack Marks, Damien LeRoy and Jon Modica all taking wins in some of the races. 

As well as two up and comers James Mcgrath and Jacob Olivier at the young age of 14 years old battling it out with some of the top foil racers in the country! 

Local kiteboarder, and event organizer, Jon Modica, said “he was extremely grateful to Shelter Island Yacht Club for supporting this new and alternative form of sailing”, he believes kiteboarding “will really help get more and more youth excited about sailing”. 

1st Place Jon Modica 

2nd Place Damien LeRoy

3rd Place Zack Marks

A big thanks goes out to the sponsors: Shelter Island Yacht Club, Cabrinha Kiteboarding, Delta Hydrofoils, and SKORD. Thanks to 
Photographer Manuel Olivier and GoPro for capturing the event as it unfolded.



Ringvold and Jensen take the win at the Red Bull Battle of the Sound

Red Bull Battle of the Sund brought 250 kite boarders from 16 different nations together to rewrite the history of the great naval battle that took place November 8th 1658. The kiters started out from the Swedish city of Malmo, crossed the sund over to Denmark, and returned to Sweden. A course set up to be 40km, but the conditions with straight westerly winds and 15-25kts made it a tough upwind battle over to Denmark before they could charge downwind back to Sweden. Only 30 riders managed to finish the complete round, amongst them only 2 girls. 

Camilla Ringvold from Norway won the women’s class, (17 in total) and crossed the finish line 27minutes before the second finisher, Anke Brandt from Germany.

Bjørn Rune Jensen from Denmark was the overall fastest and winner of the open class.  He made it across and back in 1 hour and 31 minutes. - "It was fantastic! I had prepared myself thoroughly for this competition and when I was the first to round Flakfortet I felt that it would be hard to beat me.” Jensen says.

Camilla has had a memorable last 9 months. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean with the «Enable Passion» team in Nov/Dec 2014, she continued to be a part of the first female team to ever finish the Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro ( before she won the Red Bull Ragnarok in Norway in April, kited across the Greenland icecap from south to north in June and she is now the winner of the Red Bull Battle of the Sund. 

Click here for more info about the event.


Butterfly Effect- Tarifa

The ladies of The Butterfly Effect, the original waterwomen movement, are in Tarifa Spain this weekend spreading the love, encouraging and empowering women to get out on the water.  

The Butterfly Effect events create an environment that gives participants the confidence to achieve a goal in a supportive group setting.  The events start with a nod to the community they are hosted in, with a beach clean up, clothing donation, free clinics and/ or other fundraising activities for a charity.  Next, the ladies participate in a quick Hula lesson followed by a yoga class and warm up stretch before the main event.  The girls then kite, paddle, windsurf, or kayak downwind to the chosen location where they are welcomed with an ending ceremony party.

Pryde Group America's Bootlegger's Bash

June 2014 West End, Grand Bahama Island-


I was fortunate to attend and shoot the annual dealer meeting and 2015 product presentation of Pryde Group Americas (PGA). 
It was held at Old Bahama Bay, a resort at the extreme northwest tip of Grand Bahama Island. Not only did we have a remarkable 
amount of gear to try, we even had some nice wind to use it in. 

PGA presented products from the following brands are at the event:



There is a new day dawning to get into some hot new riding gear.

The venue for this great meeting, West End, GBI way in the upper left of this chart.
A classic water color of Grand Bahama Island by Wm. Johnson, JR.

This post follows two life style posts that explore the event, the island and a bit of the history of the area. These interesting threads can be found at:

2015 Water Gear, Wind & Great Times In An Island Paradise - Part I and 
2015 Water Gear, Wind & Great Times In An Island Paradise - Part II

This post is devoted to exploring the 2015 kiteboarding gear offered by Cabrinha. There was an in depth product presentation provided 
by Pete Cabrinha himself with interjections from other key team members including Michael Raper out of Hong Kong, the International 
Division Manager at Cabrinha. We even heard from the design team via video. You will have a chance to view those comments in this article. 

An overhead view of all the people who attended the dealer meeting and made it such a great success.

"Providing progressive kiteboading solutions for all areas of our unique sport is the driving force behind our 2015 program. Here is a little taste 
of what's to come in 2015. Filmed and produced in the Hawaiian Islands, the birth place of Cabrinha kites." The second film is here 
to help build the stoke, mood. As incredible as West End is in so many ways, this time of year there are typically few waves. Cabrinha has 
graciously served some up from Hawaii. Enjoy, then more from the sunny, flat over white sand blue water paradise of GBI.

So, let's start with an overview of the Cabrinha kites for 2015.

All the kites for 2015 shown here ripping offshore in Maui.

They have six kites for the model year as shown above. Some model names like the Switchblade have been out previously while 
others like the Radar are brand new this year. Cabrinha covers the spectrum of riding styles with these kites, each with both general 
and specific ranges of applicability. 

The kites vary in the degree to which they are swept back, with the Velocity BOW kite on the left having the most, with a lessening 
gradation through the Hybrid kites, Radar through Drifter, ending with the least in the Chaos C-shape. Properties are described 
above for the various shapes. 

A comparison of various kite attributes.

Let's look at the Radar, new for 2015. 
Jump to Cabrinha website:

The Radar is an easy going, all around free style kite with remarkable ease of water relaunching.

An overview of and designer notes for the Radar kite

A Cabrinha promotional image from Maui of a formation of Radar's in action.

Paula and Conchy point out the abundant attractions of Old Bahama Bay and all the great gear ripping around.

Let's examine the control bar systems for 2015, things have become even simpler and faster!
Link to control bars on Cabrinha website at

The QuickLoop Bar with adjustable length on the fly

Cabrinha has rolled out for this year what may be the easiest and fastest quick release rearming system (with one hand), 
the QuickLoop quick release system.


Pete Cabrinha from the beach in the Bahamas, will show just how quick and easy the system works. Also, an overview of the Cabrinha Overdrive control bar from Kittyhawk Kites.

Cabrinha has also brought a good short leash to market. Guess how many riders actually ride unhooked? I understand it is about 20%. 
So the rest kiting with a suicide leash configuration aren't do themselves any favors whatsoever. It tangles more easily, gets in 
the way and if you use it, you might go for a ride, backwards!? Things just got better for that 80 % of riders out there. A short, functional 
leash that stays out of the way, in front of you.

Michael Raper shows off the system including the leash during the product presentation in the Bahamas.

The Race Quick Link bar developed for use with the Velocity kite. I understand the bar will work with all the 2015 Cabrinha kites however.

Jan Lucas Gianello walks out with the Quick Link. 

Wait until you get to try some of this great new gear on the water, fun times!

Stay tuned, more to come on the 2015 Cabrinha Kiteboarding gear lineup in the next installment.
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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Let's move to the Switchblade, a personal favorite and a standard of excellence in kiting for ten years.

Waves, flat water, free riding, wakestyle, boosting big, light to nuking winds, this kite does it all. This shows the Switchblade color schemes for 2015.

It is well worth celebrating, the kite that launched thousands of hours of amazing sessions around the world.

Cabrinha rider Damo LeRoy helps out.

This is what Cabrinha says about the 2015 model: 

"After ten years of refinement, the Switchblade kite from Cabrinha is held as the benchmark for which all crossover/freeride 
kites must aspire to. Its success lies in its uncommon blend of high performance and ease of use. The Switchblade will easily crossover 
from freeriding to freestyle to surf on any given day. The common element in each of these riding styles is precise handling; and 
this is where the Switchblade shines. The Switchblade provides maximum control with a light bar touch. The SB’s high performance 
profiles deliver the power needed in light winds and the ability to dump the power in strong winds. This gives the SB the type of range 
needed to extend your sessions when the winds are up and down. The five strut design holds the canopy true to its shape regardless 
of the wind condition or angle of attack."

Steve Negen of MacKites who also attended the dealer meeting described things well:

"The Switchblade is the ultimate freeride / crossover kite that all freeride kiteboarding kites aspire to. The Cabrinha Switchblade 
offers the best of both worlds – High performance and ease of use for all levels of riders. The ability to jump from one discipline to 
another makes it the perfect kite for almost any rider. Go kite surfing, boost big or throw down technical pro style moves – the 
Swithclbade will get you there. How does the Swithcblade do this? Precise handling – this is the key feature in the 2015 Cabrinha 
Switchblade that allows you to ride all styles of riding from freeride to free style to surf. The 2015 will give you maximum control 
with only a light touch of the bar. The Switchblades profile provides that low end grunt you want in light winds but still gives you 
incredible ability to release power when the winds increase. One Switchblade kite often has the wind range of 2 other kites because 
of it unique ability to get you going in light winds and still depower into the high winds. We love the five strut design for the rock 
solid stability of the canopy in all winds and whether the kite is powered up or not.

What we love

Largest wind range of any kite we carry
Ease of use – from beginner to advanced – you just can’t miss
Big hang time – boost it up and stay up
Low end power – get going when everyone else is watching.
Best new bar for 2015 – totally revamped chicken loop for ease of use"

When you go exploring, you want something you're both familiar and comfortable with, that can cover a wide range of conditions. 

It is my favorite swamp-going kite.

A ten year look back at the amazing Switchblade kite followed by designer notes.

Life isn't all about wind, no seriously, someone told me that once?

… or gold coins, even shiny plastic ones. There are many things that go into a well rounded life. Still, fine kiting gear is 
near the top for some of us.

Be sure to checkout the two lifestyle posts about this excellent event. Lots of local color, rum tales and fun things down in the islands. 
More at: and 

Moving on to an excellent kite for surfing and surf free style, the Drifter.

Pete Cabrinha shows what this kite can do in the waves.

This is what Cabrinha Kites has to say about the drifter:

"The Drifter surf kite is a kite with a purpose. This kite is dead set on being there for you when you need it and getting out of the way 
when you don’t. You see, kite surfing is an act of taking power from the kite when you need it and dumping the power altogether 
when you don’t. This high depower kite allows the rider to drop in, accelerate, then dump the power completely to snap or carve their 
turns. It delivers a perfect blend of the best elements of surfing and kitesurfing. The Drifter’s special design allows it to drift downwind 
and stay aloft even when the lines are slackened. This phenomenon, first developed by Cabrinha is known as drift stability."

No waves off Old Bahama Bay but Pete makes it all look mighty fine anyway.

The Drifter allows this marvelous slack line drift, taking the kite force temporarily out of action nicely parked, until you need it again. 

Pete pops a nice strapless jump off Maui in monochrome.

An overview of the Drifter followed by designer notes.

It was excellent to spend time with Pete Cabrinha, designers and staff in a great water setting to learn about the new kiting equipment.

Still more new things to come from Cabrinha for 2015 … (click twice!)

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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Liam Whaley Wins in Fuerteventura

Congratulations Liam on your first PKRA win.

"Feels amazing to win my first ever PKRA tour stop here in Fuerteventura! Happy that I rode well in the strong and light winds. Time to celebrate with my friends!" Whaley says.


Mauritius Kiteival 2014

A unique, once in a lifetime kitesurfing experience.

2015 UK Cabrinha Launch

To celebrate the launch of the new 2015 Cabrinha range, Agent Eight is showing Cabrinha's World Premiere of Anders Kruger film 'The Value of Nowhere' at Poole's Light House Cinema on Wednesday 16th July starting from 7.30pm. 

There are a limited number of tickets for this event so please visit your local kitesurf shop in the Poole area. The Lighthouse is an amazing venue where you can immerse yourself in the movie whilst drinking a cold beer, perfect!

See you there!!

Desert Oasis

In the Western Sahara desert, you'll find no shortage of fun in the water in the little village oasis Dakhla, Morocco. Dakhla Attitude comes alive as team Cabrinha arrives in full force for the PKRA events and all the good times surrounding them.



Riders: Alby Rondina, Annabel Van Westrop, Keahi de Aboitiz, Liam Whaley, Moona Whyte, and Tobias Hölter.

Film & Edit: Tobias Hölter

Music: Till Death- Black Halo released by Comorbid Records

Sound Direction: Annie Taegert

Additional Footage: Tiger Abde & Alby Rondina