Today is Earth day and although we think everyday should be overflowing with love for our wild planet, today calls for extra reflection. Waterlust began in 2011 when these two knuckleheads, Patrick & Fiona, met while studying ocean sciences and fell promptly, messily, and happily in love. Today, they are celebrating their honeymoon in the jungle of Nicaragua serendipitously aligned with a day dedicated to the environment they both madly love. As you likely know from your own experiences, life takes many twists and turns and Father Time seems to accelerate with each lap around the sun. To exist in a state of perpetual drowning while trying to navigate the complexities of life seems to be a common feeling in today's modern, fast paced, seemingly connected but emotionally detached world. Escaping The Race of orchestrating a "successful" life and finding the rhythms and balance of nature is to us here at Waterlust downright necessary in finding happiness. So today we challenge you to examine yourself by considering who you are and what you do. We test you to make time to connect with your natural surroundings, whether taking a stroll on the beach or meditating in a garden. And finally, remind yourself that your time on this beautiful rock is both finite yet filled with infinite possibility. As John Muir once wrote, "As the leaf on the ripples of the Lake, generation follows generation. We are passing away. How great the need for energy to spend our little while to purpose." Happy Earth Day!