During the past few days we've felt both inspired and disheartened by discussions surrounding the Paris Climate Accord, politics and our collective future. Then our friends from @girlsthatscuba sent in this beautiful photo that captured our feelings and got us thinking. Beautiful, but alone. Inspired but seemingly lost. Where do we go from here? We've seen individuals, organizations and businesses offering their perspective on social media platforms such as this only to be met with responses like "stay out of politics" or "stick to ". These types of responses are widespread and imply that the responsibility of environmental preservation and our nation's role in it is reserved for some, but not all. We couldn't disagree more. What we often fail to remember is that elected officials, by definition, are employed to represent the will of a community, and a community consists of individuals, organizations and businesses that attempt to work and live in harmony. In this light, it is the community itself, not its leadership that must remain engaged. Discussion and debate, even on social media, is of utmost importance for us to understand each other and make the best collective decisions. Our perspective here at Waterlust goes something like this: Human beings are constantly evolving in partnership with the environment. Historically, civilizations that effectively utilize natural resources thrive and grow...up to a certain point. Population growth, an expanding economy, technological achievement and the never ending quest for "progress" in theory ensures that our children will live in a better world than we did. The challenge is that opportunity is not uniform, and many people are simply born into better circumstances than others. The other thorn in the side is that natural resources, although vast and plentiful for some, are inevitably limited. Grow bacteria in a pitri dish to explore this fact. There is only so much arable land, drinkable water, fishable sea etc... This means that any civilization, such as a modern day nation, will eventually hit a ceiling and realize that they need to live smarter and more efficiently to avoid stalling